News and Reports

Buffalo, New York: Shen Yun is "very rich" (Photos) 13/6/2010
A doctor surprised - "I have no headache!" 13/6/2010
Toronto, Canada: Divine Land Marching Band performed at the Bread & Honey Festival Mississauga (Photos) 13/6/2010
Pairs of practitioners must look inward when facing conflict 13/6/2010
Ms. Lin Jianhua dies after receiving drugs when he was forcibly detained 13/6/2010
Sentient beings waiting to be saved 13/6/2010
After eight years of unjust imprisonment, Mr. Pang You again unfairly condemn him four years in prison 13/6/2010
Falun Dafa is supernatural 13/6/2010
Disintegration of the evil with righteous thoughts and righteous actions 13/6/2010
Honolulu: Regional Representative amazed at the color and the acclaim of Shen Yun 13/6/2010
Ms. Huoying remains practically blind in the Jiangxi Women's Prison 13/6/2010
Cultivated while working on projects of Shen Yun 13/6/2010
An accountant and a doctor Cangsi County, Sichuan Province, were arrested 13/6/2010
The happiness of our family because of practicing Falun Gong 13/6/2010
The difference between being a farmer and a cultivator 13/6/2010
School teacher is arrested two months after being released from a forced labor camp 13/6/2010
Next to be released, Yin Libin is threatened with being transferred to a brainwashing center (Photo) 13/6/2010
Netherlands: Introducing Falun Dafa in the city of Amersfoort (Photos) 6/6/2010
Mayor of Brighton in the UK, praised the International Art Exhibition Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance (photo) 6/6/2010
Korea: Rally to demand justice for the visit of Chinese Prime Minister (Photos) 6/6/2010
Persecuted to death Father, son jailed 6/6/2010
Ms. Song Fenzhen sent to a labor camp ten days after being arrested 6/6/2010
The arrest and prosecution of Mr. Luo Meijun Huaian County, Hebei Province 6/6/2010
Retired officer in Xianyang City, Shanxi Province, arrested illegally a second time 6/6/2010
The wisdom of integration 6/6/2010
Farmers really are one body 6/6/2010
Goodness inspire others by teaching the performing arts 6/6/2010
Cultivation is to eliminate ordinary human attachments 6/6/2010
Returning home after waking from a dream 6/6/2010
Ms. Wang Xuemei dies in custody 6/6/2010