Cultivation Experience

How the lit Fa Taihang region (Part 1) 13/6/2010
How the lit Fa Taihang region (part 2) 13/6/2010
Managing the shortcomings of others with compassion 13/6/2010
Clarifying the facts about the persecution in a labor camp 6/6/2010
My understanding about sending righteous thoughts 30/5/2010
Cultivated during family conflicts 30/5/2010
Master has given me everything 23/5/2010
That day many Falun appeared in the sky 16/5/2010
We must value this precious time that Master has extended 16/5/2010
Sharing on the matter of taking sides 10/5/2010
Increasing my confizana in clarifying the truth 2/5/2010
Western Practitioner: The emotion of repentance may adversely affect our cultivation 25/4/2010
My abuse took their pay 18/4/2010
Breaking the barrier between practitioners and remove the attachment to envy 12/4/2010
We must change our selfish mentality 11/4/2010
Improved through the process of clarifying the truth 11/4/2010
What Lianlian, a girl of six years, sees in other dimensions 4/4/2010
Some detailed thoughts on how best to deny the prosecution, both as individuals and as a body 28/3/2010
Melt into the Fa and move a divine path 14/3/2010
Accept criticism even if you have reason 14/3/2010
How to look inside one and raise our xinxing 7/3/2010
Renouncing oneself and harmony with the group 28/2/2010
Recovery from terminal cancer in four months with strong righteous thoughts 28/2/2010
Use the divine powers with righteous thoughts 27/2/2010
Witnessing the magnificence of Falun Dafa 21/2/2010
Raising my level as I recite the Fa 21/2/2010
Following Master to come home and achieve the consummation 21/2/2010
My understanding of the search for comfort 7/2/2010
What I saw while sending righteous thoughts during the Mid-Autumn Festival 31/1/2010
Validating the Fa as I am opposed to persecution, walk my own path with righteous thoughts