Clarifying the Truth

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Spain: Practitioners held in Barcelona clarification activities in the Plaza Catalunya and the Fira per la Terra (Photos) 31/5/2009
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Falun Gong and Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party 2/9/2007
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Congressmen co-sponsor a Bill to boycott the Olympic Games (photo and video) 12/8/2007
Persecute Ms. Li Xiuying Tonghua County, Jilin Province 15/7/2007
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Save the predestined people 1/7/2007
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Disciple of nine-year-old shares her experiences in clarifying the facts 17/6/2007
Why Heaven is crying? - In memory "of March 5" in Changchun, the day of spreading the truth on TV 18/3/2007
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Solemn declarations by people who have raised 25/2/2007
Miami Beach, Florida: Raising awareness for the atrocities of organ harvesting in South Beach (Photos) 18/2/2007
Mysterious prehistoric artifacts (Photos) 11/2/2007
Taiwan and China: A practical, two responses 4/2/2007
Russia: Practitioners in St. Petersburg organized activities to denounce the persecution of Falun Gong in China 21/1/2007